Spreaders: All trailers are offered in lengths between 22′ and 36′. With 22′ and 30′ being the most popular.

  • Beaters. The beaters hydraulically fold out away from the bed and are self locking and unlocking. Each beater is driven by separate hydraulic motors. The spread pattern is between 26’ and 30’ wide depending on consistency of the material while requiring less horsepower than most other horizontal distributors. The beater assembly can be taken off by removing 2 pins and the 6 quick disconnect hydraulic fittings. Each individual beater slides out the back of the housing for easy removal if only one rotator is needed, such as spreading large frozen chunks.
  • Floor / End Gate. The floor has 1/2” UHMW plastic and 2 sets of pintle chains (4 chains total) and is reversible to unclog the distributors if they were to stall. Each set of chains is tightened by one set bolt under the bed to allow easy access for adjustment. The end gate lifts straight up to allow more bed space to be used out the total length of the box. It is synchronized with the floor chain motors to ensure the gate will be up before the load be pushed.
  • Silage Sides Option. The top silage extensions on spreader only trailers are mounted solid all the way around three sides. While just simply swapping the end gate with a taller one to match the sides. The live floor chain we will then speed up to allow quicker clean-out on silage. (See pictures below)

Side-Dump/Spreader Combo: All trailers are offered in lengths between 22′ and 36′. With 22′ and 30′ being the most popular.

  • The Side-Dump/Spreader Combo utilizes a manure spreader design and a side dump design into one machine, eliminating the need to buy separate equipment to do the same operation our machine can. This is a huge money saver compared to purchasing a side dump trailer and truck to stock pile and a manure spreader to complete the task of spreading. Can also be built as a pull type box without being mounted to a truck.
  • Silage Sides Option. On side-dumping trailers; the driver’s side rotates on top to allow the door to swing upward from the force of the material falling out while the passenger side is mounted solid. The side wall of the spreader box locks and unlocks this in place.