• Types. We offer side-dumps in many different options. All trailers come in sizes between 22′ and 36′, with 22′ and 30′ being the most popular. We also make truck-mounted boxes if you have a truck just needing a box; rather than a whole trailer.
  • Box. The Rief Design Side-Dumps utilize a square box to allow more trailer capacity and creates a more stable unload. The side-walls are made of stainless to increase longevity avoid corrosion/rust. The floor is made of 1/2” UHMW plastic.
  • Silage Extensions. All trailers can be fitted with silage extensions to increase capacity during silage season. The silage sides detach by removing 2 pins and lifting straight up. The driver’s side rotates on top to allow the door to swing upward from the force of the material falling out while the passenger side is mounted solid. The side wall of the spreader box locks and unlocks this in place.