Dozer Blades

The Rief Design dozer blades are great for pushing silage and come in multiple sizes from 8′ to 16′.

The blades are capable of multiple attachment abilities: a heavy steel frame custom fit to your style of tractor (large blades), quick-tach mounts, and skid-steer mounts.

As for the cutting edges, either a hardened steel bit or 1.5″ thick neoprene rubber (depending on your preference) is used. The rubber edge wipes away loose materials leaving a smooth, hard surface without taking away large amounts of top soil. It works great for snow removal because it takes the snow without scraping the rock and gravel away. The rubber flexes to the contour of the ground and does not damage concrete surfaces. It works great for pushing silage.

We also offer a folding option on the 16′ blades to allow for better road transport. Along with side plates that can angle as well if desired.

The blades are custom fabricated to the customer’s needs with multiple styles to choose from:

  • 2-Way (just up and down movement)
  • 4-Way (up/down movement, along with angling capabilities)
  • 6-Way (up/down, angling, and a rotating feature of the blade to allow you angle the grade as well)